Septic Tank Tablets
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eco-tabs contain  no harsh chemicals, require no special handling and are non-toxic and safe to use.
Product Description
Each eco-tabs is 5/8" and weighs 11 Grams. Packaged 12 and 24 tablets per pail.

For specific applications contact your
eco-tabs representative.
Flush one eco-tabsSeptic Tank Tablet down the toilet every two weeks.

DO NOT FREEZE! Store in cool dry location. Avoid excessive skin contact. SEE M.S.D.S.
Specifications Form  
Form: 3” x 1" 140 Grams Solid Tablet
Color: Tan
Contents: Oxygen Generating Compounds, Buffers, Nutrients, Surfactants, Bacterial Spores, Biodegradable Dye, Fragrance
Plate Count: 1 Billion Per Gram
• Septic Tanks
Ease of Cleaning
Supports component and
  pipe life span
No hard to dispose of
Environmentally safe
Reduces Solids
Non-staining, biodegradable
Patent pending eco-tabsSeptic Tank Tablets are solid, environmentally safe sustained release tablets that reduce noxious odors and prevent back-ups and associated problems in septic tank systems.

Aerobic active oxygen and microorganisms safely and effectively boost the growth of bacteria colonies and aid in reducing total suspended solids while mitigating odors and outperforming existing competitive products.
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