Pond & Lake Tablets
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eco-tabs provide active oxygen, nutrients, buffers and microorganisms to help clean and maintain without the use of powders, liquids or additional equipments.
Product Description
Each eco-tabs is is 3" by 1" and weighs 140 Grams. Packaged 50 and 100 tablets per pail.

For specific applications contact your
eco-tabs representative.
Simply drop specified amount of eco-tabs into the pond or lake for efficient treatment. Dosage may vary due to pond and lake size, and temperature.

DO NOT FREEZE! Store in cool dry location. Avoid excessive skin contact. SEE M.S.D.S.
• Ponds and Lakes
Ease of Cleaning
Supports component and
  pipe life span
No hard to dispose of
Environmentally safe
Reduces Solids
Non-staining, biodegradable
Patent pending eco-tabsPond & Lake Tablets are solid, environmentally safe sustained release tablets that aid in the rejuvanation and boosts ecosystems in ponds, lakes, lagoons and other aquatic bodies of water.

Micro-fine components and aerobic bacteria help to clarify water and reduce associated scum and odors.
Specifications Form  
Form: 3” x 1" 140 Grams Solid Tablet
Color: Tan
Contents: Oxygen Generating Compounds, Buffers, Nutrients, Surfactants, Bacterial Spores, Biodegradable Dye, Fragrance
Plate Count: 1 Billion Per Gram
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