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Wastewater occurs in a variety of sources and can cause a number of problems such as corrosion, odors, and back ups.

There are no non-hazardous solutions that are as effective and cost-efficient until now as

eco-tabs™ five products were created to treat specific areas of wastewater through our revolutionary and patented pending technology. Each product has been designed to treat each application and their associated problems.
Municipal & Industrial Wastewater (Lift Stations, Treatment Facilities, Lagoons)

• Corrosion - Hydrogen Sulfide can convert to sulfuric acid under certain conditions and can cause irreversible damage to piping and fittings.
eco-tabs™ feature buffers to neutralize pH levels and acids in the wastewater; as well as prevent hydrogen sulfide from being produced by anaerobic bacteria by supersaturating the environment with oxygen, creating an aerobic environment.

• Odors - Odors are mitigated and prevented by creating an aerobic environment that hinders the production of hydrogen sulfide, a common element associated with wastewater odors.

• Solids -
eco-tabs™ create an environment to support aerobic bacteria growth to breakdown solids, from the bottom up. The tablets sink to the bottom of the tank or well where it begins to breakdown bottom sediments as well as solids on the walls and surface.

• Cost-Effective -
eco-tabs™ are all you need to treat wastewater effectively; expensive equipment or extra resources (water, electricity, etc.) are not required to generate effective results.

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Portable Toilet (Stalls, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Buses)

• Bad Odors -
eco-tabs™ mitigates odors by creating an aerobic environment, hindering the anaerobic breakdown of waste and production of noxious hydrogen sulfide. Tablets also feature pleasant fragrance to help reduce common odors associated with portable toilet use.

• Solids - Aerobic bacteria reduces solids significantly; including toilet paper.

• Ascetics - Features strong, yet biodegradable dye that masks waste from users; will not stain bowls, stalls, or tanks.

• Maintenance - Scheduled pumping is performed easier due to reduced solids; post-cleaning and maintenance easier because tablet treats entire tank.

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Septic Tank

• Back-Ups -
eco-tabs™ effectively reduces solid waste and boosts septic tank efficiency; septic tanks can handle more waste without backing up.

• Odors - Odors can occur by a build up of solids or anaerobic conditions.
eco-tabs™ reduce solids to prevent back ups and create an aerobic environment that does not produce hydrogen sulfide, the common source of septic system odors.

• Easy-to-Use - Standard residential treatment is as simple as flushing one tablet in ANY toilet of the household once every two weeks. THAT'S IT!

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Pond & Lakes

• Removes Most Odors

• Environmentally Beneficial - Aids ponds in rejuvenation and boosts ecosystem.

• Non-Toxic - Harmless against human and aquatic life.

• Crystal Clear Water - Micro-fine components and aerobic bacteria helps to clarify water and reduce pond scum.

• Easy to Use - No powders, liquids, or additional equipment needed.

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