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Eco-tabs employ Microdot Separation Technology™ (MST), which causes individual effervescent plumes throughout the waste basin of the grease trap or wastewater stream that is simply ONE OF A KIND.

With MST, when an eco tab is dropped into an affected area, Microdots of bicarbonate are immediately separated from the tablet, and settle to the bottom of the waste tank enclosure, as well as are carried throughout the wastewater, and become attached to any floating organic matter and grease cap. At the point of settlement, each microdot causes a plume of effervescence which greatly reduces hypoxic (lack of oxygen) conditions, and thereby decreases anaerobic activity in the water (smell of rotten eggs from hydrogen sulfide), and stirs up the wastewater sediment. The effervescent action of the tablet itself, as well as the plumes caused by the MST™ act as vectors to deliver the biological portion of the tablet to particular areas of the waste water. MST also creates a larger organic matter surface area for the active bacteria to adhere. In essence, the water is much more effectively treated, and without the necessity for mechanical mixing.

The unique oxygen effervescence of the Eco-Tab facilitates the hyper growth of the aerobic bacteria, which is paramount for an effective product. Without the presence of oxygen, the competitor’s products are diluted in gray water, rendering them less effective, and are discharged from the grease trap system without digesting waste! Likewise, liquid or granular products simply treat the aqueous portion of the waste tank, and never reach the sludge portion of the tank, before quickly being diluted and exiting the waste tank as effluent.
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