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eco-tabs is a company with a strong commitment to the environment. eco-tabs are a new and revolutionary product that answers the need for a safe, environmentally friendly, easy-to-use solution for the mitigation of fats, oil, grease and sludge in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. In addition,
eco-tabs helps to increase overall system efficiency, reduce costly maintenance and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and special handling procedures.

Our product reduces the need for frequent and costly pump-outs of waste water, pump and lift stations. Other applications include grease traps, septic systems, portable toilets, ponds & lakes, agricultural farms, car wash facilities - anywhere a safe, non-toxic solution is required in the control solid waste and odor control.

eco-tabs Europe Ltd is a privately held company founded on the core belief that eco-friendly, non-toxic waste treatment products have become a necessity in today’s environmentally sensitive and fragile ecosystem.
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